Much Ado About Nothing (dir. Jane Page) Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis  June 2007
“Stand-out work from Steve Routman as the well-intentioned, nearly incompetent Sheriff Dogberry” 
            - Judith Newmark St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“It helps that this crew is led by Steve Routman as Dogberry, who showed his mastery of this kind of comedy a few years ago as Moonface Martin in the Repertory Theatre’s production of Anything Goes.” 
            - Bob Wilcox (West End World)

“Steve Routman was a show-stopper as Dogberry”  -  Joe Pollack KWMU

In The Matter of J Robert Oppenheimer (dir. Carl Forsman) Keen Company  June 2006
“The cast Mr. Forsman has assembled is an impressive one...the laboring counsel oars are carried by Mr. Routman's barely managed combustibility as Marks”
          - Les Gutman (Curtain Up)

“Ultimately, these are 12 men speaking from 12 adjacent pulpits...and they do near-flawless work.”
         -  Mark Blankenship (Variety)

"This revival manages to pack a vast number of reverberant aftershocks into its soft-spoken few hours. If your ear is attuned to history, almost every second line rings with startling relevance."    -  Michael Feingold  (Village Voice)

Awake and Sing! (dir. Zelda Fischandler) Arena Stage  January 2006
”Steve Routman's turn as Bessie's meeker-than-milquetoast husband, Myron, is so gloriously mouselike you wait for the whiskers to sprout.”  -  Peter Marks (Washington Post)

“Naturally, she is married to a nebbish, Myron...Steve Routman, who provides the evening's scant notes of sweetness and humor,”  -  Jayne Blanchard -- (The Washington Times)

“Far more interesting is Steve Routman who with a meek and defeated manner is able to draw you into his troubled existence.”  - Ronnie Ruff (DC Theatre Review)

Falsettos (dir. Daniel Goldstein) Huntington Stage  June 2005,,feingold,73506,11.html
“Also ideal ...Steve Routman as Mendel, a psychiatrist who has his own fair share of issues” - Michael Portantiere (TheaterMania)

“As Mendel Steve Routman doesn‘t allow the psychiatrist to be a mensch, making him, at times, the most vibrant of the group”  -  Alicia Blaisdell-Bannon (Cape Cod Times)

“Steve Routman gives the psychiatrist Mendel dignity when he could have devolved to Woody Allenish neurotic tics.”  -  Ed Siegal (Boston Globe)

"Black Snow" at Yale -- One Hilarious Hour” - Fred Sokol on Theater

Black Snow (dir. Evan Yionoulis)  Yale Rep Dec 2006

“Steve Routman is one of the most gifted musical character actors to reach the New York stage in some years, a fact he confirmed with his hilarious takes on Elmslie's verses and songs.”  - John Kenrick (

“They're a likable bunch, and Jane Bodle and Steve Routman, in particular, are genuine singing actors, not generic pretty-person-with-pretty-voice revue casting”  -  Marc Miller (TheaterMania)

Lingoland (dir. James Morgan) York Theatre  Feb 2005